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Healthy and active holidays in the Crimean countryside.

At the present time, when we experience the restructuring of the traditional agricultural management in Ukraine and Crimea, and a financial support of the national government is tending to reduce, the rural green tourism, with its various forms and directions, is acquiring a crucial importance for economic survival of the village population. The rural tourism is essential for economic diversity and preservation of the cultural valuables of the countryside. The modern tourist market needs a personalized, individual and untraditional “product”. Such minor enterprises, as rural green households, are more preferable for a fragile ecology of the village locality, than a mass tourism. And, definitely it’s necessary for development of a such field of economics as the tourism in a whole. With further development the country can expect to lure ever more people on excellent, rural providers.

The Crimean rural tourism is making its first steps, but much has already been done on its development. There are rural householders, ready to meet the guests in six regions of the Crimea: in the forest, mountain, seaside and step zones. The cultural –ethnic centers: Crimean-Tatar, Greek, Ukrainian and German, were open. The masters of the folk handcrafts were taught, who create the unique souvenir production, combining the traditional techniques with demands of today. The Union of Assistance to the Rural and Green Tourism Development has provided for the a choice of exiting routs, which will present to you the yet-unknown Crimea, where you‘ll be offered:

  • The home-like comfort and hospitality of the village people, coming from heart to heart.
  • Quietness and calm of the rural households, detached from the bustling and noisy resorts.
  • Fresh agricultural products, vegetables and fruit, straight from the garden and trees.
  • The curative, tinctured on the mountain herbs, Crimean air, which will fill you up with energy and health.
  • Possibility of being in touch with nature, working in the garden, caring for domestic animals.
  • Acquaintance with the local people’s culture, traditions and way of life.
  • Family vacation.
  • Holidays with your domestic pets.
  • Active and fit rest, Russian sauna, Phytotherapy, curing mud.

The holidaymakers, eager for an active rest, will enjoy the weekend routs. You can try hunting, fishing and walking, as well as multi-national cuisines, folk songs and dancing, donkey-riding and house-riding, mushroom and berries picking, enjoy the remedial mountain air, forest quietness, plenty of the sun and fruit.

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