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If you are going to stay in Simferopol for a while, there are two options for you: First, you can stay in one of the Simferopol hotels. Look left and scroll down to see a comprehensive list of Simferopol hotels. If you want us to make a hotel reservation for you, please contact us or fill out the hotel booking form provided below. An alternative to hotels is private apartment rental, which we would suggest you to consider too. A private apartment can be half the price of a hotel, while more comfortable. Check out current offers here .

“Suvorovskii House” Hotel in Simferopol

Suvorovskii House Our brand-new, built in 2006 private hotel is ideally located to satisfy both business and leisure travellers. It is centrally located in Simferopol on Suvorovsii Spusk street. We are just minutes away from the center of Simferopol, trolley & bus stops, restaurants, pubs, the main post office, shopping malls, a park, theatres, cinemas & night venues. The train station is a 5 minute drive by car or by bus.

The hotel offers a choice of 15 suites and rooms.

All our bedrooms are: spacious with queen size beds, with the exception of the only single person room. All bedrooms have a private bathroom, stylish furniture, remote control TV, cable television (60 channels, including BBC and others in English). Seven suites are air-conditioned. Kitchen utilities are provided in the rooms/suites equipped with a kitchen.

Other amenities:
- Access to the broadband Internet
- Iron/Ironing Board, Laundry service
- Room service (coffee, tea etc.)
- Secure parking for up to 8 vehicles and security
The hotel is equipped with autonomous heating and 24 hour cold & hot water supply.

We do not serve breakfast. Getting settled in our hotel in the centre of Simferopol, you will find a wide range of restaurants right outside your door. There is a nice, romantic coffee shop and an Internet cafe in a next-door building to the hotel.
We look forward to welcoming you to Simferopol and “Suvorovsii House” Hotel!


Simferopol Hotels Simferopol Hotels Simferopol Hotels

Simferopol Hotels Simferopol Hotels Simferopol Hotels

Simferopol Hotels Simferopol Hotels

Simferopol Hotels Simferopol Hotels Simferopol Hotels 

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Simferopol Hotels: In the Beginning.

There were only two hotels in Simferopol till the middle of the 1800’s. The "Odesskaya" and "Afinskaya" hotels. F.Vigel, a famous traveler found the "Odesskaya" hotel to be an Inn rather than a Hotel. The other hotel was pretty similar.

A.Kaznacheev, the governor of The Crimea applied to the general-governor of Novorossiya to favor those willing to build hotels in Simferopol. His efforts worked out very well.:The "Golden Anchor" hotel was opened in Simferopol in 1839. Later, after the Crimean War was over, the "Grand Hotel" was built. It was located in the center of Simferopol, and The Ukrainian Theatre Replaces this once proud Hotel. By the end of the 1800’s there were an abundance of Hotels in the central area of Simferopol. "Passage Angelo" Hotel, "Big Moscow" Hotel, "Bourse" Hotel, "Continental" Hotel, "San Remo" Hotel and others. They all were located along Sevastopolskaya street and in the surrounding neighborhoods within Simferopol’s Big Market district. More new hotels appeared on Priyutninskaya street (currently Pushkina str.) The "St. Petersburg" Hotel, "Metropolis" Hotel as well as the "Russia" Hotel and "Bristol" Hotel on Dolgorukovskaya street in Simferopol. Those were the most prestigious hotels located near the public places of Simferopol, the Central Cathedral, Theatre, the Market District and the larger Stores. Needless to say the hotels accommodated thousands of jubilant guests of Simferopol and The Crimea. There were many famous people among them:
M.Schepkin and V.Belinskii stayed in the "Golden Anchor" hotel in 1846, and N.Pirogov stayed in this same hotel during the Crimean War; V.Mayakovskii stayed in the "Metropolis" and "Bristol" Hotels; K.Batyushkov stayed in the "Odessa" Hotel. During the Revolution, Civil and Second World War the Simferopol hotels hosted Simferopol government bodies. The hotel owners improved both the buildings and guest services. In 1869, a famous architect - Peter Schneider renovated the building of the "Golden Anchor" hotel, added two more stories and installed an elevator, which was considered to be an extra comfort at that time. The hotel received electricity supply from a private electric-generating station in Simferopol. One of the best restaurants in Simferopol, and an adjacent poolroom could be found in the ground floor of the hotel. Peter Schneider’s brother, Franc Schneider built a beautiful, three-storey hotel on Priyutninskaya street - the "St. Petersburg" Hotel, which was also very prestigious and the hotel could often be seen in the many post cards of Simferopol. Actually the two hotels were considered the face of Simferopol in the late 1870’s. V.Kondaraki, a well known writer of local lore and history of Simferopol, emphasized the most central location of the Saint Petersburg Hotel and raved about the bathes in the suites. He wrote: "the guests are taken good care of, they are neither cheated nor bothered. The guest can be provided with a breakfast or dinner. Simferopol is a safe town, one can walk around safely."

The Simferopol hotel rates differed and depended on the service Provided, but still were affordable to the middle class. In 1898 after the "Grand Hotel" was renovated, the hotel had 36 suites and the rate was 1 to 3 rubles per night. The hotel advertised: "luxury place: marble bath, electric powered lighting, telephone, comfortable restaurant, good cuisine, choice of best vines at the wine-cellar."

In 1869 Franc Schneider's son - Franc Schneider Jr. erected a three-storey building on Priyutninskaya street. At first, the building was used for the Simferopol community club and library. Then the club was replaced with the "Metropolis" Hotel. In 1917 the owner of the hotel advertised: " the hotel offers luxury accommodation, the suites are equipped with electric lighting, hot-water heating, hot and cold water supply. There are bathes, a 1st class restaurant and excellent cuisine at the hotel. The rates are reasonable: from 2 to 3.50 rubles per night. Transfer by taxi throughout the Crimea is available. There is a music hall at the hotel." The "Passage Angelo" Hotel offered their guests a big, comfortable store. The "Bourse" Hotel included meeting rooms for business travelers. The "Bristol" hotel offered luxury suites furnished in a stylish manner. The suites had access to a spacious balcony, from which the guests could watch the Simferopol city life and processions at the Alexander Nevski Cathedral.

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