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  Alushta region (3)  
  Bakhchisarai region (8)

Bakhchisarai - the earlier capital of the Crimean Khans - is located within 25 km from Simferopol. It is one of the most spectacular in Crimea... (read more)

  Belogorsky region (7)

Belogorsky region is located in the foothills of the Crimean mountains, 42 km east of Simferopol. The administrative center of the region - a small town of Belogorsk - picturesquely spreads along the both sides of the river Biyuk-Karasu. The former name of the city - Karasu-bazar, that in Crimean-Tatar means "a Black water market" - is known since the 8th century... (read more)

  Chernomorskoye region (7)

The small settlement of Chernomorskoye spread on the shore of the Uzkay Buchta (Narrow bay) on the Tarkhankut peninsula, has a rich history. The remains of the Stone Age people settlements have been discovered there. Nations replaced each other during millenniums... (read more)

  Dzhankoy region (0)

Spreads in the north of the Crimean peninsula. It is also called "The Gates of Crimea" as it is separated from the continental Ukraine with Sivash (Rotten sea)... (read more)

  Popovka (25)
  Feodosiya region (3)   
  Kazantip 2013 (25)
  Kerch region (4)

One of the most ancient cities of the world - the hero-town Kerch, stretches down for some kilometers along the eastern edge of Kerch peninsula. The town, founded in the 6th century B.C. was called Panticapaeum and for many centuries it was the capital of Bospor Empire... (read more)

  Saki region (10)

Saki district spreads for many kilometers on the west coast of the Crimean peninsula. That region is well known as one of the oldest and the best climatic resorts in Ukraine and Crimea. Thousands of people come every year to the numerous sanatoriums, holiday hotels and hostels in order to have a good rest and treatment... (read more)

  Sevastopol region (4)

Baydarskaya valley is situated in the southeastern part of Sevastopol district. This picturesque undulating place covered with Crimean forests is popular among the amateurs of active holiday... (read more)

  Simferopol region (4)

Is the biggest in Crimea. It stretched for many kilometers from the Black sea western coast to the Angar pass in the first range of Crimean mountains. The landscapes of the district are very varied: undulating steppe, hills, forest covered mountains, narrow and rapid rivers, plenty of lakes, picturesque valleys... (read more)

  Staryi Krim (Old Crimea) (4)

Staryi Krim or Solhat, the ancient capital of the Crimean Khanate, is situated on the highway from Simferopol to Feodosiya. This small town attracts many tourists by its history and cultural memorials... (read more)

  Sudak region (5)

A small seaside resort Sudak stretched at the foot of Krepostnaya (Fortress) Mountain in the southeast of Crimean peninsula. The Alans founded this one of the oldest settlements in Europe in the 3rd century as a main seaport Sugdeya... (read more)

  Yalta & the Southern Coast (14)

Stretches the most popular region of Crimea - the Southern Coast. For many years the Southern Coast was the most favorable health resort for the Russian tsars and aristocracy. That is why there are a lot of wonderful places of interest in this region such as palaces, museums, castles, parks and gardens. The imposing and picturesque rocky landscapes, the clear and warm waters of the Black sea, plenty of fruits and vegetables attract the thousands of tourists. (read more)

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