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Those who scout for film directors know that they can find just about any kind of landscape or background in Crimea, the country is so diverse. It is sometimes called the world in a nutshell or an open air museum. Travellers who visit can pick and choose from a unique selection of landscapes, spectacular waterfalls and even a mud volcano or two. Steppe plains, forested mountains, brush and ancient parks are also just part of what Crimea offers.

The Black Sea and the Sea of Azov surround Crimea almost totally, as the Crimean peninsula is connected to the mainland by the 5 - 7 kilometer wide isthmus. More than 2,400 kinds of plants grow on this peninsula and 200 of them are indigenous.

The most well-known part of Crimea - the Southern Coast - is located between the Black Sea and the Main Mountain Ridge. The crowning jewel of Crimea, it has a sub-Mediterranean climate, luxuriant greenery and numerous natural features that make you want to stay forever. Other beautiful places where you can enjoy nature in all its splendour including the rocky Tarkhankut coast, the mysterious Dale of Phantoms on Demerdzhi Mountain and the extinct volcano Karadag.

Since ancient times, and perhaps because of its natural beauty, Crimea has also been what you might call - a people place. Once the hub of ancient routes, there are reminders of many empires and civilizations throughout the country. The wormwood steppes and fertile valleys, mountains with grottos and cosy bays on the coast remember stooping Neanderthal and tall Cro-Magnon men, a truculent Taur and a freedom-loving Scythian, an enterprising Greek colonist and a ruthless Roman legionnaire. Lonely barrows in the steppe, stone idols and sanctuaries, ruins of towns and fortresses whisper of days long gone and lives well lived.

Tourists are well aware of the fact that Crimea's resorts with health features including an excellent climate, the mud and waters of salt lakes and mineral waters from underground springs offer restful, stress free down time. Hotels and vacation houses are being built and/or renovated both on the seacoast and in the countryside to accommodate the influx of visitors wanting to partake in the curative resources of which the area is so wealthy. Eco or rural green tourism is also becoming part of what attracts people to Crimea. Our vast natural resources are so beautiful, they are becoming a tourism destination for the photographer and artist, bird watcher and nature lover, on their own.

For a unique experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth, but one not necessarily on the beaten path, you can't go wrong with a visit to Crimea. It could be said that its many diverse parts make up one tremendous whole and that whole is worth every penny of your travel budget and every minute of your time spent here. We know you'll love it.

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