Crimean time

A Texan's views of The Crimea

Seeing Simferopol and The Crimea on The Internet, and actually living here are two completely different things! The thousands of photos on The Internet capture the beauty of The Crimea, however many of the Websites I visited, before arriving in Simferopol, neglected to capture the courtesy,care, concern, compassion, hospitality, and friendliness, of the culture and people of The Crimea!

I suppose it may be fun to be a Tourist, with plenty of money, on Vacation within the region of The Crimea, and not know any of the Russian Language spoken here. Gee, it must be frustrating with so much money, so little knowledge, and so much free time! I have little money and hopefully plenty of time.

As a Traveling Salesman for 28 years in America, I've visited over 24 States, and traveled extensively in the States of Colorado, Oklahoma, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming for well over 20 years. Traveling and meeting new people is something I really enjoy.

I fell in love with the beauty of The Crimea, and now I've fallen in love with the many everyday freedoms and delights that are available no where else in the World!!! I shall do my best to fully describe each of these everyday joys to you, as I write about my experiences in Simferopol and The Crimea.

Hopefully these articles will fully explain "why" The Crimea "is" The Most Wonderful Place on Earth!!!

Joe K. Roberts

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