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What we offer

The Crimean organization on Rural Tourism experience puts you in touch with the countryside in a way that no other holiday can.

  • In blissful contrast to the pace and pressures of everyday life, rural Crimea holds out the promise of peace and relaxation off the beaten track.
  • The loveliest landscapes where you can pause to enjoy a refreshing taste of good country living.
  • You can be sure of starting the morning with an excellent breakfast of local or home-grown produce - perhaps fresh fruit compote or farmhouse bread and preserves, with new-laid eggs and speciality sausages cooked freshly to order.
  • Well-appointed country homes and friendly and hospital country people.
  • Fresh and healthy Crimean air fills you with energy and ability to enjoy the life.
  • You can learn the culture, history and traditions of the different Crimean ethnic groups.
  • The possibility to spend the holidays together with the family and pets.

We offer you:

  • The information about the different possibilities to rest in the Crimean country side - mini hotels, hostels, farmsteads, riding clubs, fishing, hunting.
  • Excursions to the ethno-cultural centers – the small village museums where you can learn the traditions and culture of the Crimean peoples and taste the multinational cuisines.
  • The remarkable souvenirs that the Crimean artisans produce.
  • Country festivals and holidays.
  • Rooms for seminars and festivities.
  • Camps for teenagers and youth, summer courses on foreign languages.
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