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  Swallow's Countryhouse Simferopol

The Swallow Manor is placed in old village in a valley of the Salgir river, between pictorial hills, close to water reservoir. It is 30 kilometers away from south Crimean bank of the Black sea; you can travel there by minibus or trolleybus and find major historical monuments of Crimea. Efficient transport commute is Simferopol's main feature.


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  Ukrainian Cultural-Ethnographic Center "Yavir" Simferopol

In the traditional country house there is a fine collection of old Ukrainian embroidered clothes and utensils. In the center you can watch a folklore program and taste national Ukrainian cuisine, meet the artisans and buy nice souvenirs for good memory...

  German Cultural-Ethnographic Center "Kronental" Simferopol

Kronental (King's Valley) is one of the German settlements in Crimea that was founded in 1811. In the old part of the village there are two churches (1868) and the houses of German colonists that were built at the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries. Tasty national cuisine, self-made beer and Crimean wines are offered for the guests. Accommodation in the village houses is available.

  Bird Park Simferopol

You can see all kinds of wonderful fowl in the newly opened Bird Park that is located on the range of the village of Zarechnoye. In the roomy open-air cages the visitors can see a good collection of different birds.


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