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Cheap Bargain Properties for Sale in Crimea

The information given in this article can help you estimate your financial ability for buying a house or apartment in Crimea. Believe it or not, it is quite realistic to purchase property in Crimea for quite a modest amount of money - up to 25 thousand US dollars or even cheaper. Please be aware that according to the Ukrainian legislation, house property can be purchased by both Ukrainian citizens and citizens of other countries.

So, the question arises, where in Crimea inexpensive property can be bought?

Price up to 3 thousand dollars: $3.000 can be enough to buy an old house in a village located in the northern part of Crimea. Such houses built before 1950 have 2-3 rooms, furnace heating and a toilet outside in the yard. The distance to the closest town is minimum 40 kilometers. The village doesn't have any central gas supply system or regular public transport. At that money you can also buy a small 1-2 room country house (dacha) with a small plot of land in the suburb of a bigger town. These dachas are only suitable for living in the summer time though.

Price up to 8 thousand dollars: you can buy a house in a village located in the central part of Crimea. The house is likely to need some repair work done. You also get 600-700 square meters of land with the house. The distance to the closest town is at least 40 kilometers. Тhe village might have a central gas supply system. Commuter transportation is quite poor.

Another option is to buy a small studio apartment in the northern or central part of Crimea, only in the areas with a poor transportation system.

If you have 15 thousand dollars available, you have a chance to buy a house in a big village in the centre of Crimea. A typical proposal includes a house built in 1970-s with gas heating and 600-700 square meters of land. These big villages normally have a well-developed infrastructure, shops, and educational facilities for children, as well as good commuter transportation. At that money one can also buy an inexpensive one room apartment in a small town somewhere in a pretty remote area of Crimea.

In Simferopol, Feodosiya or Yevpatoria you can expect to pay 12 to 15 thousand dollars for a 15 m2 room in a shared apartment. The kitchen, toilet and bathroom in such apartments are shared with the neighbors.

Cheap House in Crimea

Price up to 20 thousand dollars: at this money one can purchase a comfortable house in a village in the fore mountain region of Crimea. Such houses are fitted with all the utilities, including gas, water and electricity. Then, relatively cheap studio apartments are available in the suburb of Simferopol and villages of so called steppe Crimea region that may be close to the coast but quite far away from the major resorts. The amount of 20 thousand dollars can be sufficient to buy a small apartment in the private housing area of Simferopol, Feodosiya or Yevpatoria. Normally such apartments have central sewage system but furnace heating.

25 thousand dollars is the average price for a small apartment in Simferopol, Feodosiya or Yevpatoria. The total area of the apartment amounts to about 22-25 square meters, including 12-15 m2 room, 5-6 m2 kitchen, a small toilet and bathroom. There is a good choice of cheap, one room apartments in the nearest suburb of Simferopol and at the seaside, for example in Kerch. Real estate developers also offer affordable apartments in brand new buildings that are under construction. However, such apartments are sold without any interior finish. Finally, at $25.000 one can buy a house or an apartment near the Black Sea or Azov Sea coast.

And last but not least, you can save money and buy a house or apartment directly from the owners. A variety of houses and apartments for sale can be found in local ads newspapers, such as "VDV", "Soroka" or "Crimean Advertisements".

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