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Clive Evans: Why I love Kazantip ?

Here is an interview with Clive Evans from the UK who has visited Kazantip every August for the last 6 years and can't imagine life without it.

Clive, what does Kazantip mean to you?
- For me - like for many others - it is a return to a care free time with good friends, awesome parties, nights with good music and non-stop dancing and not a worry about work or home. There are no worries in Kazantip. Leave them all behind and enjoy yourself.

Why do you keep returning?
- To recharge my batteries and meet up with friends I have made in the last 6 years. I can't wait to get everything organized as I know then it won't be long till I forget about everything and have fun.

What do you like most?
- There is nothing not to like about Kazantip. The music is fantastic, beautiful dancing girls are everywhere, food and drinks are great and there is very little trouble there. My favorite thing though is probably the care free attitude that comes over you when you enter Kazantip. No worries to be brought with you, just smiles and a chance for fun.

Have you ever had any issues or problems with getting here from the UK?
- Never had one problem with getting there. I usually fly to Simferopol and catch a cab to Popovka. It's not a big deal at all. And thankfully I've never had any passport or customs issues. No, I can't remember any.

What can you say to people thinking about going to Kazantip 2013?
- Just come and see for yourself why so many people come to Kazantip every year. You will not regret!

But still can you tell them just one reason to come?
- The partying and the music. Oh that's 2 reasons but the DJ's are always great. You never quite know what will be on.

Where do you stay and how do you book your accommodation?
- I always stay nearby Kazantip so I can wander back and forwards at any time of the day or night. I have stayed at a few different hotels and they have all been great. I would suggest you to book early with a few friends or people you know and stay in a room for 3 or 4 people as it makes it even cheaper to stay then.

Have you visited other parts of Crimea?
- Yes I have, Crimea is amazing. I came a little early one year and stayed in Evpatoria where I found a great night club called Malibu. It has a huge outdoor dance platform, and is a cool place to hang out. It really got me in the mood for Kazantip that year.

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