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Make the most of your summer this year

The summer break gives students some time off from university and the chance to relax. The lengthy break, though, is a prime opportunity for students to take a couple of months to enrich their formal education with life experiences, and it’s a good idea to organise something early. A number of programmes exist to allow students to explore interests and opportunities, academic or personal, in different countries. Below are some opportunities students can take advantage of during their time off from lectures this summer.


1. Academic programmes

Universities around the world offer summer programmes for students who are looking for a taste of university life abroad. The programmes also give students the chance to meet people and study subjects that might not be available in their regular coursework.

2. Work/Internships

A break from university means students have whole days free. Students can take the time to gain some real-world experience and earn additional money. They can also work in a field that might interest them as a long-term career to test it out or gain a head start. Students studying languages might be interested in applying for internships abroad to gain valuable experience while improving their language skills.

3. Summer camp programmes


Most students spend the majority of the academic year sitting in lecture theatres. One of the most loved characteristics of summer is the warm weather. Students who enjoy sports and staying active can spend their summers working or attending summer camps, either ones that are focused on a certain sport, hobby or interest, such as Russian Language Immersion Program in Crimea, or ones at which students will participate in a wide range of activities.

4. Chance to travel

Some of the most valuable learning experiences come from travels. Students can participate in group trips to far-flung locations worldwide, or take the chance to plan their own trips. Travelling gives the opportunity for more personal lessons, as well as the chance to practise and improve language skills, whether you study German in Heidelberg or Russian in Crimea.

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