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Our Current Offers
  Espero Diving Center Chernomorskoye

Is located on the suburb of Chernomorskoye near the seacoast. In the spacious and immaculate courtyard there are some newly built cottages with double en-suite bedrooms. There is all necessary equipment for diving and fishing there. There is a motorboat in the center too. The diving courses are organized during the off-season in the center. (PADI Certificate)…

  White Fortress House Chernomorskoye

A spacious and attractive two-storied house that looks like a fortress, offers the guests double and family en-suite bedrooms. The enclosed and maintained patio is an ideal place for picnics. The beach is only 50 m away from the house. The hosts provide boating, fishing and hunting and transferservice.

  Vasily House Chernomorskoye

The lovely newly built house and a summer cottage with good furnished double and family bedrooms and shady open verandahs are prepared for the guests. Small, but maintained and blossoming courtyard is an ideal place for parties…

  Delyaver House Chernomorskoye

The big newly built house with comfortable en-suite bedrooms for 2 or 3 persons are good furnished and fully equipped is located in the enclosed patio with many flowers...

  Maria Houses Chernomorskoye

Two big newly built houses heartily welcome the guests. The spacious, immaculate and seclude courtyard with a fruit garden, with a fountain, lawns and flowers, a couple of arbours with grill facilities is an excellent place for family parties…

  Margarita Houses Chernomorskoye

The newly built two-storied house with terraces is located in the spacious and green courtyard. In the courtyard there is a summerhouse with barbecue facilities. The house is 300 m away from the seashore…

  Spanish Patio House Chernomorskoye

Is located in the spacious and enclosed courtyard with a tennis court, sports and playgrounds. The white, recently rebuilt house looks similar to the traditional Spanish one. There is a cosmetician and a masseur in the house. The house is within 500 m from the seaside.


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