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  Greek Cultural-Ethnographic Center "Karachol" Belogorsky

The Greek Cultural Ethnographic Center looks like a replica of an old Greek mason of the 19th century. The guests of the rural ethnographic museum can learn about the life, customs and traditions of the Thracian Greeks in Crimea, and take part in a folklore festival…

  Forest Tourist Camp "Ak-su" Belogorsky

The recreational camp Ak-su is hidden in the wood under the high Crimean pines. In Crimean Tatar the means "White Water", because the beds of two campsite springs, striking from the 1200 meters deep water-source, is a mixture of limestone and silicon. It is always fresh there and the air is filled up with odors of the forest herbs and pine trees…

  Eni-Sala Household Belogorsk region
Property Type: 3 Countryhouses & Cottage
Priced From: $30.00 per adult, $15 per child

100 meters to the forests. 20 km to the Black Sea.
The household offers four hotel-like cozy suits plus a cottage. There is a Russian steam bath, a dining room and a big covered terrace and conference hall.
The farm has a big subsidiary enterprise with animals. Horseback rides. Hikes. Organic food.
  The White Rock Horseman Farm Belogorsky

It’s an idyllic place for those who are in search of a calm and peaceful country accommodation or keen on an active holiday. A 50 horses stud farm is waiting for the tourists here. You can also watch dogfights or cock fights and purchase an Asian sheep puppy or the chicks of fighting cocks…

  Cold Mountain Hunting Ground Belogorsky

Cold Mountain hunting ground is situated on the territory of a Belogorsk reserve. Hidden under the tall pines and oak-trees there are a few cozy cottages and a detached dwelling with a dining-room, hunting hall with a log fire, billiard and sauna. The main attraction of the forestry is a hunting cottage of Nikita Khruschev, a former USSR leader…

  White Rock Restaurant Belogorsky

The White Rock Restaurant is located close to the Simferopol. The decoration of the restaurant strikes with its extra ordinal design. In the maintained courtyard, sheltered from the unwanted eyes and the road dust, hides an actual wooden marvel - a cottage with 2 en-suite double rooms, a sauna, wooden summerhouses with barbecue amenities and a big swimming pool…

  Crimean Rose Household Belogorsky

Crimean Rose Household is located in the village of the same. The hosts offer two cozy bedrooms to their guests all year round. Near the house there is a pond, apiary, fruit and vegetable gardens with a special corner where grow medicinal herbs and also lavender, salvia, and roses – row material for the volatile oils...


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