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  Crimean Eden Bakhchisarai region
Property Type: Villa
Priced From: $150.00
Maximum Occupancy: 8

A two-storey villa at the foot of the Crimean mountain. Fireplace. Russian steam bath. Swimming pool. A beautiful view down the valley.

An hour drive to Yalta, Sevastopol and Simferopol.

Our Current Offers
  Crimean Tatar Cultural and Ethnographic Center "Kokkoz" Bakhchisarai

The Center "Kokkoz" is placed in the old Tatar house, every room of which brings to life the traditional routine of the Crimean Tatars. The Center is proud of its collection of authentic domestic utensils, national clothes, antique and modern embroidery and tapestry works…

  Wonder Donkey Farm Bakhchisarai

The private donkey farm, named “Wonder donkey”, is the only one of its kind in Ukraine. After donkey riding guided tour to the Sphinx valley the visitors get special “donkey driver” certificates…

  Eski-Kermen Farm Bakhchisarai

On the territory of Eski-Kermen nature and archaeological reserve, there are the lands of a farm that grows organic fruits and vegetables and produces wine. All the farm production is accessible in a small cozy café. The just married couples are offered an exclusive service – a honeymoon in the cave...

  Dyuna Hotel Bakhchisarai

The Dyuna organic - a modern three-storey house - offers accommodation of different levels of comfort. The hotel provides the guests with a choice of excursion programs, fishing or hunting tours in the surroundings of Bakhchisarai…

  Black Stones Fish Farm Bakhchisarai

Amateur fishers can enjoy a big pond, rich with all sorts of river fish - carps, crucians, zanders, crayfish and others, and a “guaranteed” catch. In off-seasons the first Crimean Black Stones Shooting Range club waits for inveterate hunters and offers them a wide range of target stands practice…

  Finaros Hunting Cottage Bakhchisarai

Finaros Hunting Cottage is lost in the forest. Finaros is located in a scenic lake area, well liked for fishing of all kinds of local river fish – carps, crucians and others. There is a possibility of a guided hunting …

  Nelly House Bakhchisarai

Is situated in the village of Nauchnoye in a picturesque mountain area. The hostess provides different excursions around the region and an exclusive service – a visit to the Crimean astrophysical observatory where you can observe the stars…


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