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  Ghosts' Valley Estate Alushta region
Property Type: Country house & cottages
Priced From: $27.00 per person (inc. meals)
Maximum Occupancy: 40

If you are keen on hiking and mountaineering, singing by the campfire and an active holiday, Ghosts' Valley Estate is the most suitable place to stay. It attracts the tourists by the fresh and healthy air, quiet and peaceful surroundings, beautiful mountain landscapes and magnificent rocks.
In the big and cozy house there are 2, 3 and 4-bed rooms, comfortable sitting areas, equipped with a fireplace, video, TV. If you like, you can have a sauna.
  Allur Horse Farm Alushta region
Property Type: Country House
Priced From: $50.00 per bedroom

Come to the Ghosts' Valley for a most enjoyable vacation!
The Allur Horse Farm is situated at the foot of the Demerdzhi Mountain, in the heart of the Alushta resort area, 5 km from the Black Sea. Our guesthouse is a relaxing complement to a day in the saddle. The time spent in this scenic place with it's unique nature and mild climate, far away from urban noise will enrich your travel to Crimea with unforgettable experience.

Our Current Offers
  Golden Horseshoe Ranch Alushta region
Property Type: Country house
Priced From: $50.00 per bedroom

Is placed at the foot of the Demerdzhi Mountain. In the stable of the farm there are more than 50 horses. The guests are invited to get lessons in horse riding or take part in the horse-riding mountain tours to the Ghosts' valley or a medieval fortress of Funa. There are comfortable guest rooms for those willing to spend a while at the farm. You can enjoy a delicious national Crimean Tatar cuisine.

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