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  Olga House Saki

Hospitable and friendly country house is peacefully located in the green garden setting. The hosts offer you honey, fruits, vegetables and berries and other home produced.

  Sergei House Saki

Lovely traditional country house is located on the range of village. It is within 2 km from the beach and from fresh lakes, ideal place for fishing and picnics.

  Marina House Saki

Lovely newly built house with attic is situated in a quiet rural setting on the outskirts of the village. In the secluded and immaculate patio there is a summer shower cabin and a picnic place with barbecue facilities. Bicycles are available.

  Flowers House Saki

Traditional country house is situated in the quiet rural garden setting. There are a lot of flowers around the house. Admire the peace and tranquility of the countryside.

  Alexandra House Saki

Meet the friendly and peaceful country house located not far from the seashore in the spacious fruit garden. Local organic food - milk, soured cream, eggs, fruits and vegetables, are available.

  Olga Summer Cottage Saki

Newly built two-storied cottage is located in the summer hostel center at the seaside. Within some meters from center there are two fresh lakes - an ideal place for fishing.

  Uyutnoye Summer Hostel, Uyutnoye Saki

Is located in the village of Uyutnoye within two km from Evpatoria. Spacious two-storied house is situated in the nice park. There is a yacht and buses in the hostel. The hosts organize different excursions, riding, fishing and hunting for guests.

  Valeo Summer Cottages Saki

Are located on the territory of the holiday hostel center "Priboi" within some km from Saki. Three lovely one- and two-storied cottages are fully equipped and nice furnished to good standard. The wide and sandy beach is within 150 m from the cottages...

  Sofia House, Uyutnoye Saki

Is located on the outskirts of the village of Uyutnuye. Spacious newly built house offers every comfort. Charming, comfortably furnished en-suite bedrooms are well equipped to good standard...

  Katharine House, Shtormovoye Saki

Spacious and lovely decorated newly built three-storied house and a summer cottage are situated in a quiet, idyllic rural setting on the outskirts of the village of Shtormovoye. The beach is within some meters from the house...

  At Chaly House Saki

Spacious and lovely country house is located in the green and pleasant yard. Tasty meals, home-baked fancy breads, homemade produced and local fresh produce is available...


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