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Crimean Tatar Historical and Ethnographic Center "Tekiye of dervishes"

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The Moslem cloister of the wandering monks "Tekiye of dervishes" in Evpatoria is a unique monument of Crimean Tatar architecture in Ukraine. The complex was built in 9th century by the pilgrims-sophists. People said, that Tekiye was a sacred place. The devout people striving for salvation of their sole came there from different countries. They wanted to fill themselves with good energy and got them rid of ill thoughts. The center is located in the old part of town that formerly had the name of Odun-bazar. On the territory of the complex there is a Tekiye, a madrasah – a religious school, a mosque, a well with the holly water, a tomb of the St. Sheikh. There is a school of Arabic graphics and Crimean Tatar traditional embroidery in the complex. The tourists can learn the history of cloister and religion of dervishes, live in the cell and buy the beautiful artisans works, such as ceramics, embroidery, jewelry. The director of the center offers the guests the pedestrian excursion around ancient streets of an old town of Kerkinitida-Gezlev-Eupatorium that includes acquaintance with the historical and architectural monuments of 16th –19th centuries and lunch with a folk program in the Crimean Tatar cafe.

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