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  Nikolai Household Sudak region
Property Type: Countryhouse
Priced From: $15.00, per person. $20 in July-August.
Maximum Occupancy: 6

120 m2 two-storey country house of two bedrooms, dining room, full kitchen and bathroom.
Walks through the forests. Fishing. Horseback rides. Hunt. 15 km to the sea.
  Oriental Bazaar Hotel Sudak region
Property Type: Hotel.
Priced From: $70.

A luxurious, tastefully decorated in the unique Crimean Tatar style hotel is located right on the embankment of Sudak, at the foot of the famous medieval Genoese fortress. The hotel overlooks the beach and has an astonishing sea view. This property is of the highest standard and can satisfy the pickiest guest.
A delicious Tatar cuisine is served in a restaurant located on the ground floor of the hotel.

Our Current Offers
  Crimean Tatar Cultural-Ethnographic Center "Kapsikhor- Ay-Serez" Sudak

In the village there is the Crimean Tatar ethno-cultural center "Kapsikhor-Ay-Serez" where is the fine collection of old utensils, books and works of Crimean Tatar artisans. The tourists can go into mountains that surrounded the village, so called Crimean Switzerland, and admire the wonderful views, drink the sweet water from the mountain springs, have a rest at the beautiful lake and fish...

  Sunny Valley House Sudak

The small settlement Sunny Valley is located in the southeast of Crimea at the foot of the Meganom Mountain. Some modern and comfortable cottages are within 1 km from wide sandy and shingle beach. Many guests come there every year to spend the vacation at that picturesque seaside.

  Izmir House Sudak

At the foot of the medieval Genoese fortress on the outskirts of Sudak is located the private summer hostel "Izmir". Recently there opened a small Crimean Tatar ethnographic museum. In the newly built one-storied cottage there are well-furnished en-suite that ensure the guests every comfort. The beach is only 25 m away from the pension.


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